Basic Manners Class

A different breed of dog training class that is completely online and completely fun!

Course Summary

A full 7 week training course without the restrictions! 
This online training class is designed to help you teach your dog basic obedience training on your schedule! The class is designed around the traditional 7 week group class format but without the restrictions of an in person class.  Stay in the class as long as you like and even retake it with other dogs in your household! You can also re-watch training videos as many times as you would like. You could never do that with an in person class!

Self-paced learning delivered directly to your inbox!
Each week you will receive access to new videos.  Watch the videos and practice on your schedule.  No need to attend a class or work on someone else's schedule.

Community Support
Join the online community form as well as the Basic Manners Facebook page and connect to other students in the class.  Show off your dogs skills, ask questions, and get to know other dog lovers just like you! 

At the end of this class your dog will be able to:
Understand the 3 basic positions of sit/down/stand.
Understand the stay and wait cues.
Walk nicely on a leash.
Be able to leave an off limit item alone.
Be able to cooperate in their veterinary care and grooming.
Be able to stay calm even in exciting situations.

At the end of this class you will be able to: 
Understand how dogs learn and use that to teach your dog new skills.
Understand how to respond to your dogs mistakes correctly.
Understand the importance of positive reinforcement training and how it affects your relationship with your dog.
Help your dog overcome fears surrounding veterinary care and grooming.

This online class offers continued learning and support for you and your dog.  Because the class is online, we are able to continue the class beyond the basic 7 week class that you would get with in person training classes. You can take and retake any classes for as long as you need. I want to make sure you and your dog succeed in this class! Once you feel your dog has met the requirements for graduation you can take a test and a certificate of completion will be emailed to you!

                 Are you looking for a little more private one-on-one attention?


Course Curriculum


I received my dog training certification in 2010 and have been focused on dogs and dog behavior ever since.  I am a certified trainer through the Animal Behavior College and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  I spent 5 years working in shelters with all different breeds, sizes, and behavior issues.  I am a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, an Animal Behavior College Mentor, and I am a Fear Free Certified Professional through Fear Free Pets.  

I love dogs and I want to see every dog in a happy and loving household.  My goal as a trainer is to teach you how to train your dog in a positive and effective way. 



I can't say enough about Barkademics Dog Training! Jenna Huffman is an amazing dog trainer. She has the knowledge and skills needed to get the end results of a well behaved dog. I highly recommend her online training classes she has to offer!

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